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The same finding can be extrapolated to include organizations. Sometimes it's adjacent industries for example, computer gaming fundamentally changed the computer industry - though they are theoretically different industries. Sometimes, it's completely different industries the app industry, a development that came out of the mobile industry, fundamentally changed taxi transportation systems. For that reason, focusing on future developments and future trends that appear most relevant to one's industry, to the neglect of trends in other industries, is no longer good practice.

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In fact, it is best to keep a broad view of developments on the horizon. It is often used to identify plausible futures that emerge in riptide between three pushing and pulling corners, each with their own set of drivers and inhibitors. Therefore, establishing a common shared vision is essential. The second element, Push of the present, consists of trends, drivers, technologies, and decisions, or acts of agents that are disrupting and pushing change forward. This is where the information collected before should be put in the task. The broader the topics are, the more holistic the picture is going to be.

Useful questions to detect pushes of the present are:. Useful questions to detect such weights of past are:.

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There's nothing wrong with bringing experts to the table. Or with giving larger emphasis to trends and developments within one's own industry. Both are invaluable and should never be discontinued. The point is - both individuals and companies have already become pretty good at this.

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Any incremental knowledge gained from digging even deeper into a narrow scope of future changes is far outweighed by the benefits that can be gained from broadening the scope of one's horizon. Then, organizations can look at themselves objectively and understand their role within the larger context. And often it will be important to understand the different plausible futures and design strategies that increase the chances of a favourable outcome while mitigating the risks of wrong predictions.

Register for a free account to see what the foresight radars look like here. All articles in this blog refer to futures knowledge within the Futures Platform online foresight tool. It makes it fast and easy to build holistic views of future trends on any topic. You can try it yourself for free. Fill in the following information and we will contact you for a brief introduction to the Futures Platform foresight tool. Free of charge. About Themes Future Trends.

Foresight Best Practices. May 21, , Bruno Jacobsen When we think of foresight - especially in matters of trying to anticipate future developments, advancing plausible futures, or increasingly resilience and adaptability to changes in the horizon - we tend to focus on a narrow range of developments. In unison with your religious or spiritual beliefs or regardless of them as the case may be , think about how your past experiences have affected your present life.

Do you see a connection? Do you have any memories of wishing so much that something would happen, and it DID? Was that luck? Please share your own story below! If there is even a whisper of faith that life is about more than good and bad luck, a world of opportunity opens.

Prediabetes And Your Vision: Know The Facts

What would you do if you knew…if you believed that focused intentions actually make a difference in your life? How would those previously unexpected, unappreciated circumstances now appear to you? Would you still see completing a project past the due date, not delivering the quality you expected, actually getting fired from a job, ending a relationship, and even losing someone you loved in the same stressful, frustrated, robbed or betrayed ways you had before? The first half further defines perfectionism, and discusses it from different perspectives like country culture, occupation, narcissism, codependence, etc.

The last half lays an intricate framework of steps to investigate knowing that being aware is half the battle. New Horizon Strategies offers professional coaching, consulting, and facilitation to individuals, teams, and organizations experiencing transition, investigating discrete improvement, and holistically addressing strategic planning. Laurie also facilitates intensives focused on perfectionism using Dr.

While smarts is a key ingredient to the recipe for success, we are all smart. For example, I may be smarter than you in this area of testing, you may be smarter than me in this area of application.

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So the question becomes how are you smart versus how smart are you. The EQi 2. Coaching is an amazing process used to catalyze professional growth and transition. Sessions are typically an hour long conducted face-to-face in a relatively private setting, over the telephone, or via video-conference.

A coach acts as a mirror, reflecting back to you what they hear you saying and following your verbal and non-verbal ques to confirm actions and words. Coaching is an on-going relationship which focuses on the client taking action toward the realization of their vision, goals, or desires. Coaching is holistic, values-based, and action oriented.

The goal is to reflect what the client is saying in such a way that it enables future action. For the most part, we will offer advice only occasionally based on our own experiences. You typically have the answers within you, you just need a little support in rooting them out and prioritizing what steps to take right now. Coaching is focused on success-oriented client feedback based on client input.

Personal and leadership assessments such as the Meyers-Briggs, Personalysis, and emotional intelligence inventories are also commonly used in coaching. I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their maximum capabilities.

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Executives who get the most out of coaching have a fierce desire to learn and grow. A coach may be the guardian angel to rev up your career. Across corporate America, coaching sessions at many companies have become as routine for executives as budget forecasts and quote meetings.

Coaches are not for the meek.

All coaches have one thing in common. Embarking on your entrepreneurial instincts can invoke multiple levels of fear, excitement, anxiety, serenity, and joy…sometimes all at once. My experience was one of amazing serendipity. Not the vision I had in mind. Striking the balance is a difficult endeavor for us all. Sometimes, what seemed like the perfect name would come to me in a dream, or in that perfectly serene time when my subconscious was in 5th gear right before I go to sleep or upon waking.

Laurie Peterson. Not a bad idea, especially if you have a unique name. Waiting on the right name felt a bit like a river being dammed up. Finally, after more than a month of high stress more than I would have expected actually , it dawned on me, pun intended. Within 20 minutes I had checked the internet for anyone using www. I found a New Horizons funeral home catchy , New Horizons architecture service, and then … could it be? Yet, here is NASA again. Turns out, in , NASA launched an unmanned spacecraft to take the first detailed images of Pluto which at that time was still considered a planet.

As I read further, I saw images of Jupiter taken from the New Horizons spacecraft when it swung by for a gravity assist.

Optometrist, Eye Doctor in Owatonna MN | Horizon EyeCare Professionals

The pictures of Jupiter taken from the New Horizons satellite were shot with a camera called the LORRI Long Range Reconnaissance Imager which encounters data from long distances away, and provides high-resolution of those images, specifically geographically. How truly ironic. How amazingly serendipitous. I have always enjoyed space, and was blessed with the opportunity to support NASA. I now embark on my own path, and after more than a month of considering what intrinsically felt like the right name for my own company, I end up choosing a name that also shares a NASA mission.

And on that NASA mission, a camera, that will allow us to see things very large, very important, and very far away. And the name of that camera is almost identical to my own name…Laurie. Is that just a coincidence? Have you set your intentions? If yes, enjoy the beautiful, graceful things that will show up on your path.

Pay attention to those. And, most of all have the courage to discover your new horizons!!

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Connect with us! Facebook LinkedIn Twitter. Hopefully it does! Innovation and Integrity can be competing values. Though we may logically understand that trying anything for the first time will inherently provide the opportunity to succeed or fail, emotionally and culturally we are not okay with actually failing. The extent to which your organization promotes or chastises failure is in direct correlation with innovation, creativity, trust, collaboration, growth, and resiliency.

Objective 1: Gain qualitative awareness of failure resiliency both personally and as perceived within your organization.

Finally, New Horizons' First Photos of Ultima Thule

Objective 2: Understand the foundation formula for creating and sustaining a culture of innovation. Objective 3: Increase organizational awareness following the presentation with a checklist of scenarios and keywords that help define missed opportunities for innovation. Awareness is half the battle. To overcome burnout of any kind, being aware of it is where we begin to heal it. Our body tells us in many ways. Sweaty palms, restless nights, upset stomachs, irritation when even your favorite person calls or emails with a request, etc.

Staying focused on the initial motivation to make a change is what keeps us motivated. And how does this change support us all? Go back to what motivates you. Celebrate milestone victories.